Understanding Your Eating


“Suddenly, out of nowhere, I am gripped by this uncontrollable urge to eat which I am powerless to reason with or stop.  It feels like some alien force has taken control of my body. I want to be free of it”

“I don’t understand why sometimes my eating can be fine for days, weeks even, then suddenly goes totally out of control.”

“I am sick and tired of years of yo-yo dieting, I have had enough and I’m ready to do something about it”

Any of that sound familiar?

The Understanding your Eating Programme has been developed from research carried out by Julia Buckroyd, Emeritus Professor of Counselling of the University of Hertfordshire and Honorary Fellow of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.

Julia developed the programme to help people whose overeating felt compulsive and addictive (also known as emotional eating, comfort eating or binge eating). 

It helps you to explore whether you are eating to deal with your feelings and teaches you how you can start to use other ways of managing your emotions and your life.

The programme does not tell you what to eat or how much as we think you know that already, instead it aims to help you think about how you use food, so that you can be better placed to choose whether you want to continue doing it that way.

You will learn better ways of managing your feelings and be less tempted to use food to comfort yourself. You will become more confident with better self esteem and a better body image. You will find that food becomes much less of an anxiety and no longer dominates your thinking.

This is what other people have to say having attended the Introduction to Understanding Your Eating:

“It was the best coaching I’ve ever had. I feel that my broken wing has healed and I can fly straight like the other birds. I feel complete and regular like other adults, walking down the chocolate / crisp isle and just walk past, blazé, and go to the isle I need without the urge to grab loads of naughties. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

“Claire, you instantly put me at ease, I never felt judged which meant I could talk freely. I never felt rushed and can’t thank you enough for giving me the extra time when needed. The course is great, opened my eyes to things I’d never thought about that had happened in the past. I felt desperate when I first met Claire and now I feel great”

“The course was a true eye-opener. I thought that I understood my ’emotional eating’ triggers.  Indeed I did, but I didn’t realise all of my triggers, and the biggest one of all, until embarking on my journey with Claire. Realising that I eat as a way to ‘stop myself saying something that I might later regret’ was a true turning point in the management of my eating.  Am I fixed? Not yet, but I’m so much more in control now than I have ever been. I understand my ‘bad’ eating habits now and that is a huge step forward in my making the best choices for me!”

Understanding Your Eating helped me end 35 years of “yo-yo dieting” and utter bafflement as to why one moment my eating would be fine and the next I’d be gripped by a drive to eat so overwhelming I felt some alien force was controlling my body.

Initially I shied away from working in this field concerned I couldn’t be objective, that it was “too close to home”.  Then clients and patients began to cross my path who were expressing their emotional distress through their eating and my lack of shock and judgement at what they told me, the fact I “got” it and my consequent strong empathy turned out to be invaluable hence formalising things and training to becoming an Understanding Your Eating licensed practitioner.

The Understanding Your Eating programme consists of:

An Introduction which gives the basics during 5 modules run over 5 consecutive weeks. There is a short workbook for each module completed in the session and a little bit of homework to do between each module to apply insights gained or new things learned:

The five modules of the Introduction have the following titles:

Module 1:  Emotional Eating (eating is not just about hunger).

Module 2:  Self-soothing (eating to manage feelings, where it comes from).

Module 3:  Self esteem (and how it helps you look after yourself better).

Module 4:  Improving Body Esteem (“lookist” culture and how it leads to over-valuing of appearance).

Modules 5:  Relationships (involving people instead of food to get you through the day).

After the Introduction there is the option to choose from nine further modules which work in more detail on things which may be particularly troublesome for you so finding the motivation and empowerment for change, self esteem, body esteem, planning so you don’t get ravenously hungry or have to eat badly because there is no other option and so on.

Next Steps:

If you’ve not already spoken to your GP about your eating then I’d counsel you to do so please.  A voracious appetite can be a symptom of anything from pregnancy to diabetes to an overactive thyroid. In my view you must rule out any physiological causes for eating which you feel has become excessive compared to what you consider normal.

Having established that there is no such cause, and so as to avoid paying for the Intro only to come along and discover your eating is not emotion driven, I suggest we set up a 50 minute (non-chargeable) “Chemistry Test” session so you can tell me about what is bothering you about your eating.

Between the two of us, we can establish if the Intro is likely to help or you’d better off going for counselling or some other form of therapy (I can make suggestions, you won’t be left “dangling” as it were).

Please email clairedysoncounselling@gmail.com or give me a ring on 07950 986 085 and we can go from there, thank you.

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