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Here are comments that people who have been on the Introduction to Understanding Your Eating have kindly allowed me to share with you.  When I am thinking of going on a course I find it very helpful to read what others thought of it so I am assuming that, if you are thinking of coming along to the Intro, you may be interested to know too:

I have tried all sorts of mindset interventions and even a nutrition course to help me improve my relationship with food. Like many others I know full well what and how much is healthy to eat but I didn’t understand some of the competing drivers which have been leading me to self-sabotage my efforts to sustain healthy habits.  Claire Dyson was patient and affirming in her step-by-step facilitation of the Understanding Your Eating process. In just a few weeks, she helped me make connections which has led to a better understanding of why I overate. Free from self-judgment, I am learning to listen to what my body wants and needs, because I care for it not because I ‘should’. Thank you, Claire Dyson and Julia Buckroyd, for your wonderful work.

Claire was fabulous and made me feel very comfortable and unapologetic about being myself. Claire helped me put myself back on track to finding myself again and aided me to find healthy coping mechanisms for myself. I am using the techniques I learned from the workbooks every day, to keep me on a positive path. Thank you Claire!

I have never felt stronger mentally & although I know I’ve done damage to my body & relationships along the way, I finally have the desire and motivation to work on them & live my life the way I want to.”

I am so much happier in life and my mentality towards food is so much more positive. I cannot remember the last time I binged & simple things such as recognising when I’m full or actually hungry have become more normal to me.”

I had reached breaking point when I was fortunate enough to meet you. Your empathic and kind approach helped me to talk more freely about myself and my feelings than I have ever been able to. You gave me some strategies to help me deal with things in a healthy way that works for me.”

“It was the best coaching I’ve ever had. I feel that my broken wing has healed and I can fly straight like the other birds. I feel complete and regular like other adults, walking down the chocolate / crisp isle and just walk past, blazé, and go to the isle I need without the urge to grab loads of naughties. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”

“The biggest takeaway from these sessions for me were, and still are, very helpful: Identifying the emotional reasons for my eating, and being curious about why I feel the cravings I do has made such a difference for me.”

Not only has this helped me reassess my relationship with food, its helped me to improve my relationships with others and most importantly to be kind to myself! Claire I cannot thank you enough!”

The course was incredibly eye-opening for me and helped me manage and understand my emotions in order to understand my eating.  I was able to go through any issues that may relate to my emotions to really understand it fully. I couldn’t recommend the course enough, I have new tools and a new approach to life and my emotions”

“Claire you instantly put me at ease, I never felt judged which meant I could talk freely. I never felt rushed and can’t thank you enough for giving me the extra time when needed. This course is great, opened my eyes to things I never thought about that had happened in the past. I felt desperate when I first met Claire and now I feel great” 

“Claire is a generous empathetic and trustworthy counsellor who gently took me through the process. She was hugely supportive when I got very emotional and made me feel very relaxed with her.  The course helped me realise some significant events and issues in my past and present which was very reassuring and empowering. Hopefully my work with Claire will be a catalyst to making changes in soothing strategies and confiding in friends more instead of eating. Many thanks Claire!” 

“The course was a true eye-opener. I thought that I understood my ’emotional eating’ triggers.  Indeed I did, but I didn’t realise all of my triggers, and the biggest one of all, until embarking on my journey with Claire. Realising that I eat as a way to ‘stop myself saying something that I might later regret’ was a true turning point in the management of my eating.  Am I fixed? Not yet, but I’m so much more in control now than I have ever been. I understand my ‘bad’ eating habits now and that is a huge step forward in my making the best choices for me!”                       

The course motivated me to take actions. So take the first step with this course”            

To find out more probably the best thing to do is come along and experience what it would be like to work together by having a (non-chargeable) “chemistry test” session.

To book please call +44 (0)7950 986 085 or email clairedysoncounselling@gmail.com

Please note that whilst others have found the Intro useful, regrettably, there is no guarantee that the Introduction to Understanding Your Eating will make a difference to whatever disturbance you are currently experiencing in your eating.  This is why I require you please to set up a (non-chargeable) “chemistry test” with me first so we can be sure that this course is appropriate for you and, if not, I can suggest sources of support more closely matching your needs, thank you.

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