The 5 legs holding up the table of Life: exercise, sleep, diet, meaningful work and relationships

Sometimes I say to clients that Life is a bit like a table with 5 legs holding it up and if one or all of them are missing you can see how Life can get wobbly or collapse completely.

When someone comes to me with low mood I’m curious about the 5 legs: what is their sleep like, what is their diet like, how are they doing with exercise (and do they get out into Nature), do they have work that feels meaningful to them (paid or unpaid, hobby or career), what relationships do they have around them and in what shape are those relationships, what are their circles of support like?

Now, I can help you get into healthy mental habits by working on why you find relationships tough and the mental factors that knocked those legs out in the first place e.g. whirling thoughts that keep you awake into the wee smalls, or stop you from getting those legs back under your Life again. 

These are the experts to whom I refer clients when it comes to getting into healthy habits where the other legs are concerned:

Diet & Exercise – Andy Strong of FundamentallyFIT

Andy Strong

Andy’s goal at FundamentallyFIT is simple, remove the confusion surrounding health, fitness, and nutrition, allowing his clients to be the best version of themselves possible. Whilst Andy will challenge you (he trains extreme sports men and women and has himself completed the Chamonix-Mont Blanc Vertical Kilometer so he is no slouch!) he is also a Level 4 trained diabetes and obesity specialist with the unique kind of gentle empathy that comes from a person who has had their own struggles with weight along with patience, kindness and a sense of humour.  Andy will keep things in “challenge” and won’t push you into “struggle”. You can see how exercise and a better diet could aid sleep.  To see Andy’s profile please click this link FundamentallyFIT

De-stress and help alleviate muscular pain – Lori McPherson

Lori McPherson

Lori specialises in Raynor Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Craniosacral therapy.  I went in like Quasimodo and came out like Elastigirl after my Raynor massage (and crucially I had no idea how tensed up so many of my muscles were e.g. one of my shoulders). I was astonished at chilled I felt and how graceful and fluid all my movements became – just reaching for things seemed so much easier and, as I say, I had no idea I was so seized up. The effects were also long lasting unlike other massage I have had in the past. Studio 7 Therapies Lori also does gift vouchers so you can give some “me time” to someone important to you as a de-stressing thank you for all the things they do for you.

Aches & Pains (which can stop you exercising, disrupt sleep and generally make Life miserable) – Jonathan Juvlier

Jonathan Juviler Jonathan-Juviler-osteopath

Osteopath Jonathan may be able to help alleviate symptoms arising from a wide range of treatable conditions if a sore back or dodgey knees are holding you back from exercising and generally making you miserable, irritable or plain fed up.  I went there convinced my right knee was going to explode at any moment and Jonathan managed to completely put my mind at rest without giving me the impression I was an idiot for a) being so worried and b) leaving it so long to get an expert opinion. I was so worried I might need knee surgery I kept putting off seeking help for fear of what I might hear – ironic really given that (as we all so often do) what I conjured up in my mind was a thousand times worse than the actual reality (a kneedcap worn in keeping with my age and level of exercise) and if I HAD had a treatable condition I was just letting it get worse not coming to see someone like him – a stitch in time saves nine and all that. Please click that “treatable conditions” link, give Jonathan a call, set up a consultation to see if you can get pain on the ropes for once rather than it flooring you all the time.

Find work which is meaningful to you – Oliver Holloway

Oliver Holloway

Every day you stay in your current job you feel more and more trapped because you think “this is it, I’ll never find anything I’ll enjoy, why bother?” and get more and more fed up.  You dislike-borderline-hate your current work yet can’t see how to make the shift into something you are longing to do because it is doesn’t “match” your career experience to date.  Oliver is a career transition coach who will help you identify what is possible, what you’d like to do, what feels exciting to you and work with you to produce a meaningful CV (rather than one of those interchangeable CVs which have had the full personality bypass). Oliver then goes to the hidden jobs market to see what he can find that excites you.  Clicks this link to see Oliver Holloway’s profile and DARE to find a more exciting and meaningful way to spend your working day. 

Remember, a study has shown Loneliness takes as many years off your life as smoking and it can strike at young and old so get out there and and have some fun (remember fun?) with Youth centres and projects in ElmbridgeMen’s Sheds or Weybridge WI

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