How we Untangle Your Life

Aristotle is credited with saying “we are what we repeatedly do”.

Question is, are you content with how things are or would you like things to be different?

Maybe you live with constant anxiety or feel overwhelmed, miserable or angry when everyone else around you seems to be handling Life just fine.  Perhaps you feel you’ve got it all going for you and “should” be happy yet you’re not and can’t work out why.

How we are now came about little by little, day by day, as we followed our habits, patterns, rules and beliefs about Life all of which are by now so much part of us we don’t see them anymore, are not even conscious that we are following them and certainly don’t believe we can change them.

Whilst not wanting to be prescriptive (every person is different after all), yet wanting to give some idea of what Untangling Your Life involves we work together to:

  • Establish what is troubling you: what is going well in Life, what not so well and…
  • How you’d like Life to be, how it would look if whatever troubles you was resolved
  • Examine how life has been to now and what are your habits, patterns, rules and beliefs.
  • Track back to understand how these habits, patterns, rules and beliefs came about.
  • With the knowledge gained above set about, as far as possible given your situation, either assimilating whatever change in circumstance has befallen you and finding a new way to go on or re-working (or learning how to better manage), those patterns, rules and beliefs that may have been helpful once but are not helpful now.
  • This is how you move from unhelpful, unhealthy habits in terms of your thinking, how you interact with others, your body and health, your money and so on, to healthy ones.

I am Claire Dyson.  I have supported people like you as they work through high anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, self-esteem so low it’s somewhere underground, anger outbursts or a seeming inability to be assertive, to make yourself heard.

I also work with couples and those who express their emotional distress through bouts of over-eating which feel addictive or compulsive (also known as comfort eating, emotional eating or bingeing / binge eating).

My approach is not only to work with you on those, apparently mystifying, forces that hold you in a tangled and unhappy present but also draw on your strengths as we go so as to boost your self-belief that you can untangle your life.

To find out more probably the best thing to do is to experience what it would be like to work together by having a (non-chargeable) “chemistry test” session.

To book please call +44 (0)7950 986 085 or email

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