COVID-19: Working together against Coronavirus

Dear Visitor,

My thoughts are with you as another week with Covid-19 in our lives, and the lives of those we know or love or care about, progresses. 

As we all work together to prevent any further preventable transmissions in UK by keeping 2 metres from anyone who is not part of our household, or a household with which we are “bubbled”, as you might expect, all sessions with me have moved online.

If you would like to work with me please start the process as normal which is to make contact by email or by phone and then we will go from there.

In terms of prep for an online session, please ensure you:

  • Make use of the largest screened device that you can (so NOT a mobile ‘phone please and ideally a desktop PC sized screen).
  • Are seated comfortably with the screen adjusted so it is visible without having to lean forward or sit upright or anything else that would be distracting for you or become uncomfortable over time.  
  • Perhaps have a glass of water nearby in case talking makes you thirsty and think about whether you may need tissues within easy reach too.
  • Cannot be “burst in” upon or otherwise interrupted by anyone else e.g. another person, child, pet, co-worker or a delivery.
  • Have your phone switched to silent and out of sight so it cannot distract you, and please make sure that anything that IS likely to catch your eye and set your attention wandering is covered over or out of sight.
  • Have paper and writing materials to hand in case I offer you an exercise to try which involves writing or drawing.  

Thank you for all of that, this means nothing is likely to detract from having a session you find helpful. 

I am following guidance in the links below and my practice will stay on line until NHS advisors signal to Government that the peak has passed and it is safe for us all to meet face to face once more, thank you:

NHS –  

Government –

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