Look for the LONGING under the protest

It’s easy, in the face or a partner or spouse shouting at us to shout back, or stonewalling us, to “pick, pick, peck, peck, prod, prod” to try and stimulate a response (then they roar) and whole thing escalates into an alarming row often over something apparently little e.g. loading / unloading, the dishwasher. ItContinue reading “Look for the LONGING under the protest”

Our brains are like plasticine

Our brains are like plasticine with peaks, according to Dr Loretta Breuning PhD, in this “neuroplasticity” (as it is called) aged 0 to 2, at about 7 to 8 and in adolescence when our brain, in effect, melts down and is re-cast in adult form. The stimulation of new experiences, and the love and fascinationContinue reading “Our brains are like plasticine”

Looking forward to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s announcement

I am so looking forward to the “Big Change Starts Small” news to come from Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge this week.   Over and over again the people I work with who have turned to food to feel better rather than to people did so because of early experience with caregivers. Some of myContinue reading “Looking forward to HRH The Duchess of Cambridge’s announcement”

So what is this “Counselling” all about then?

When people ask “so what is counselling?” I say, for me, counselling is about creating the conditions where a client feels safe and supported enough to bravely turn and interact with their emotions from a position of curiosity rather than a position of fear or dread, and thereby gain understanding, rather than trying to outrunContinue reading “So what is this “Counselling” all about then?”