Our brains are like plasticine

Our brains are like plasticine with peaks, according to Dr Loretta Breuning PhD, in this “neuroplasticity” (as it is called) aged 0 to 2, at about 7 to 8 and in adolescence when our brain, in effect, melts down and is re-cast in adult form.

The stimulation of new experiences, and the love and fascination of the family, creates a huge candyfloss of connections in their baby’s brain.

At about two years old the MOST USED connections form the infrastructure, the information superhighways, of our infants and a great deal else is pruned back.

Where anxiety inducing or frightening experiences outnumber those of love and wonder during those 3 phases of greatest brain plasticity, counselling helps build new connections to flyover or bypass the rocky roads of a difficult beginning.

Ever since starting my time as a counsellor I have longed for a world where early modelling is optimal, where no such remodelling in adulthood is necessary, where people are spared all the pain of the application in adulthood of childhood adaptations, now outdated, made necessary to fit into that early family emotional landscape.

I have been following the Duchess of Cambridge’s early years work with such interest and am just delighted at “Big change starts small” and how the Royal Foundation’s Centre for Early Childhood is working to bring that longed for world closer.

Please click the Royal Foundation’s link below for wonderful, practical ways to build a healthy brain and please consider contacting me if you would like to work with me on building those new flyover and bypass connections, getting you out of the pits and on the road to a happier and more fulfilling life.


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