How to add a new habit

Relying on motivation or willpower alone to make a change in life is often not enough to embed new behaviours e.g. those required for better health.

In this talk Bill Fogg suggests making our existing habits the trigger for us to automatically do the new behaviours we want and to start small with a new “Tiny” habit.

So, “after I pee, I will do 2 press-ups” has grown to doing 12 each time he visits the bathroom.  The idea is that when you do the existing action, afterwards you’ll  get the urge to do the new one automatically so, to quote Nike, “you just do it” rather than having to remember to do it or find the motivation to do it.

Your brain takes a shower whilst you sleep

This 11 minute TED talk reveals research that shows that when we are asleep our brain (literally) washes away waste products created by metabolising the nutrients brought to it by its blood supply.

One of these waste products is amyloid beta which, if left to build up into plaques, is implicated in the onset of Alzheimer’s.

Another good reason then to make sure you get enough, good quality sleep.