Make New Year Resolutions stick

December / January How to avoid being one of the 66% of adults who break New Year resolutions within one month or less.    Attach pleasure to the new habit, pain to the old:  Humans seek pleasure and avoid pain (Freud, Tony Robbins, many others).  As you pull on your gym kit, if you areContinue reading “Make New Year Resolutions stick”

If “sitting is the new smoking”…

November If “sitting is the new smoking” what can we do if our work requires it and the sofa beckons during long Winter evenings? Dr. James Levine coined this phrase having spent 30 years studying the harmful effects of too much sitting.  Articles in The Lancet in 2012 and this year show physical inactivity isContinue reading “If “sitting is the new smoking”…”

It’s not just the cold making us blue

October The loss of the light evenings limits many happiness inducing outdoor activities to weekends. Once the clocks go back on the 30th it is dark by 4.36pm triggering our brains to make us sleepy and ready for bed when most of us work till 17:30 or later. Less exposure to sunshine lowers vitamin DContinue reading “It’s not just the cold making us blue”